Dreaming of buying land and building your dream home?

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We understand the desire to set your own roots in the Inland Northwest. Whether you are interested in remote privacy in the woods, hilltop view lots, wide open space on the prairie, or waterfront property, the Inland Northwest offers something for everyone. There is something special about finding your land and building your dream home – a place that for years to come will be the setting for many family memories.

We know, because we did just that. And it is one of our greatest joys helping our clients do the same.

We are so excited to announce our newest development - an opportunity for you to start those dreams!

We have just unveiled our first land development in North Spokane: EXODUS RANCH. And this will be the first of many large acreage land developments, we will be representing in partnership with The Devout Group.

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Exodus Ranch Spokane
Exodus Ranch Spokane
Exodus Ranch Spokane
Exodus Ranch Spokane

We are asked often what the process looks like. Below are a few things to consider when looking at land.

Not all land is the same. Here are the main things to consider in your search for land.

1. Raw vs. Developed

Is the land raw or developed? Have any improvements been made to the land in consideration of accessibility, utilities and zoning? Are their current buildable spots available or will extensive excavation be needed?

2. Zoning/ Easements/ CCR’s

What is the current land zoned for? How many residences are allowed on the property? What can you build on the property due to zoning and are there any restrictions? Are there any current easements on the property? Shared roads or maintenance easements with neighboring properties? These easements can be explored further in the feasibility period once under contract. But knowing as much as you can up front will be helpful. Review this information thoroughly! Call the County Building and Planning to confirm the ability to build on the parcels. Contact the Department of Ecology to confirm local well logs. If the county has a department, check with them!

3. Utilities

Are their utilities on the property? Where are they located on the property? What is the water source for the property? Is there a well present, if so what is the GPM and water quality? If not, what are the options and costs to having a well installed.

4. Determining Budget + Lending Options

Obviously determining budget is one of the most important things to consider. Determining your house plan will be one of the biggest factors toward your budget; the land will also be a consideration. There are many lending options to secure the land itself. Other options are construction loans to incorporate the land purchase into the entire build. We work with many l lenders that have varying options that we’d be happy to connect you with.

5. Choosing a House Plan + Builder

Choosing a house plan is sometimes the first place people start. This is how we started ourselves, and then found the land that worked with the plan. Others choose the opposite, securing the land first then choosing house plan. The good thing - there is no right or wrong way!

You can choose the house plan pre-designed or work with a local architect. We then suggest getting bids from several builders. Realize you are not comparing apples to apples. See how the builders differ with their “standard” build, consider timeframe and get reviews.

We go more in-depth on all of these subjects in our Custom Home Build Guide. Download our full guide and resources here: Download Guide

Exodus Ranch



This area one of the older, more established areas of town.  Audubon and Downriver areas are settled on the Northside of the Spokane River across from Spokane Falls Community College. Many of the neighborhoods were developed in the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s which allows for more ranch style construction.

The streets are still lined with mature trees but more conifers than the South Hill maples. Few streets are main arterial and remain quiet with very little cross traffic.  Northwest Boulevard runs through the neighborhood and allows ease of access to Central Spokane and the Northside. The neighborhood has its own share of locally owned businesses, restaurants, and coffee houses.

Housing in this area is much more affordable than on the South Hill and Kendall Yards but does not share the immediate access to downtown and the freeway.


Five Mile Prairie

Just to the east of Indian Trail, but almost 400 feet higher in elevation, Five Mile Prairie sits closer to the center of town. Consisting primarily of newer construction (though the occasional farmhouse is seen) Five Mile Prairie offers traditional 2 story homes and ranchers. Open farmland and prairies surround the newer housing developments. Bordering the prairie are beautiful view homes. If so desired, new construction is still being developed in the area offering you the ability to customize your own home.   

What is not available on the Prairie? Shopping and restaurants. Though, a short drive away at the base of the Prairie, is the Five Mile Shopping Plaza. Five Mile is conveniently located between Central and North Spokane making it feasible to get to both areas of town in just a short drive.

Peone Prairie

One of our favorites and centrally located, you can get to many areas of Spokane and neighboring cities with a short drive from Peone Prairie. Though on the Prairie, you are removed from it all. Best known for its sunrise and sunset views, and close proximity to Green Bluff, it is a location desired by many!

Green Bluff is an area known for its farms that are open to the public throughout the year. Head out in the Summer months for fruit picking, and in the fall for pumpkin patches and corn mazes, and wrap up your year cutting down the perfect Christmas tree on the bluff.

Peone Prairie is comprised of mainly acreage properties with large stately homes. There are many working farms, ranches, and horse properties. If you are hoping to build your dream home, many lots are still available for purchase in the area.

Indian Trail

While some may enjoy the convenience of being close to the downtown hub, others seek more space and tranquility. Indian Trail sits just North of Francis Avenue on the West Side of town.  Almost all the retail and commercial developments are located on Indian Trail Boulevard with housing on both sides. It is truly a “little corner” of Spokane. The architectural styles of the houses vary from ranchers and split levels to more traditional styles.

Unlike the neighborhoods further south, the convenience of location is not based on how close you are to what the city has to offer but what nature offers just outside the city. A short drive brings you to one of Spokane’s most iconic landmarks in “Bowl and Pitcher” at Riverside State Park. The views of the river and hiking surrounding the area are unmatched.

As local Realtors®, we spends a great deal of time exploring different areas of Spokane and its surrounding regions. We put together a list of a few of our favorite neighborhoods to assist you in your search for a home in Spokane.

Whether you are relocating to the area or a long time resident, deciding where to put your roots can be a hard decision. Let’s explore the many locations in Spokane many people call HOME and find the neighborhood that’s right for YOU!

Let’s start with the neighborhood everyone hears about, visits and longs to be in proximity of.  Manito is an area all its own.  It’s nestled on the South Hill of Spokane and offers unique neighborhoods that can’t be rivaled. From the picturesque park from which the neighborhood garners its name, to the tree lined streets, to the century old houses, Manito is not short on character. Manito Park offers play structures, serene rose gardens, and running trails. The surrounding neighborhoods offer shopping, entertainment, and wonderful dining.

Because of the idyllic nature of the neighborhood, housing is highly sought after. For those trying to purchase, values are higher than other areas and inventory does not stay on the market for long. It’s not unusual to get into competitive bidding wars for these charming homes. The neighborhood is self-supporting in its amenities and the lifestyle is difficult to replicate.  

One of our favorite areas for new growth and development is the Perry District.  While still on the South Hill (just a few miles East of Manito) Perry offers its own unique style and vibe. The retail stores, restaurants, craft breweries, and coffee shops have made Perry District a destination. Like Manito, Perry has become a self-supporting neighborhood. The century old homes offer unique character sometimes not found in new construction. There are also great schools and parks which bring youth to the area. It is only a few minutes to downtown and even a short drive to I-90.

Each time we drive through the Perry District, we notice something new, whether it’s a local business or future development underway. The desirability for homes in the area is still high, but lower valuations, at this point, allow for far more people to compete in the market. We foresee continued development of the Perry District.

Running alongside the Spokane River, with awe inspiring views of the Spokane Falls and Spokane skyline, sits the new development known as Kendall Yards. This neighborhood is the ideal Planned Urban Development (PUD) which seeks to leverage location and amenities. If you are looking for large lots with huge private lawns and secluded privacy, this is NOT the area for you. New developments such as these are community-focused and strive to provide much more than a place to sleep, but more a place to live.  The weekly Night Market draws in a great crowd and offers an eclectic blend of street food, local fruits and vegetables, fresh flowers, and goodies from local makers and bakeries.

The housing options are unique themselves in that there are a mix of apartments, condos, townhomes, and stand alone cottage style houses. Most of them are built along the cliff side, with ease of access to the Centennial Trail. Also lined along the trail are restaurants, coffee shops and a children’s park. It’s hard to beat the views, amenities, and proximity to ALL Spokane has to offer.

Newer construction, planned neighborhoods and parks – Eagle Ridge Neighborhood is home to many in Spokane. Due to it’s location, many new to Spokane aren’t aware of this housing development. A drive through the neighborhood will help you quickly realize why this is such a popular development in the area with its well maintained streets, sidewalks, manicured green spaces and parks. 

Eagle Ridge offers an array of home styles from rancher to modern design. With the large selection of homes, you can often find homes for sale or build new construction. Since it is only a short drive from downtown it maintains a great desirability but lacks any of the bustle from city and the I-90 corridor.